Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yesterday's Lunch and Today

Yesterday, when I forgot to take a picture because I was SO HARRIED:
Leftover homemade macaroni and cheese in a thermos.
Cucumber slices and carrot sticks.
A homemade brownie.
And a pear.
I forgot to pack her a fork, so it was all for naught.

And today, she is home sick. I made her soup.

What have you been packing for your kid this week?


  1. Today was the 1st day I had to send lunch b/c Tues was orientation (snack only) and yesterday was orientation for the other half of her class (vacation day for me). M's first lunch was a veggie turkey sandwich (b/c I am lazy and it's what she wanted), cherry tomatoes, and a nut-free trail mix I assembled (I can't say "made" b/c that would be too strong a term.) Her morning snack consisted of 2 mini banana muffins and strawberry yogurt--more on the yogurt in my next post.

  2. B--cashews, peanuts, pretzels, grapes, and some other fruit (hubby packed)

    E--pb & honey on wheat, green juice (veggie juice; the ONLY way he gets any veggies), applesauce, pretzels

  3. So far our lunches have included, hummus and pitas, carrots and dip, apple slices, cucumber slices, Nutrigrain bars and cheese and crackers. Neither girl likes sandwiches very much (unless of course we go to Subway where each girl can eat a veggie (A) or ham (C) 12 inch) which is some kind of irony I'm sure. Last year I used whole wheat hot dog buns to recreate subs which was popular for about a week then they started to come home.

  4. tuna sandwich.

    What's the deal with using a thermos? How hot does the food need to be in order for it to stay hot? I'd like to try this, but I don't remember.

  5. My boy and girl pack their own lunches--which are usually moderately boring alternating between pbj, turkey or roast beef sandwich, or I will put in effort and heat up some Progresso soup to put in their thermos. I'm putting a bit more effort into my Baby's lunch since this is NEW for her and therefore, also for me. Today she got cherry tomatoes, colby jack and cheddar cheese pre-sliced in those cute star burst shapes, two cookies, yogurt, and...Progresso soup. Well, at least the side dishes are more interesting than the other two kids normally get (cheese crackers, apple). (Honestly, she's more fun to pack for because she seems to have a more varied palate.)

  6. Tuesday tortellini in a thermos with veggies and fruit
    Wednesday carrot muffins, cheese, veggies and fruit
    Thursday tomato soup with alphabet pasta, cheese crackers and melon cubes
    Friday chicken sandwhich (leftover chicken) a cupcake, celery sticks and grapes.