Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baking is Boss

If baking paid me better or, you know, at all I think it would be my full time job.

Seriously. I love to bake. I love the science behind the chemical reactions that make muffins rise to their deliciously moist destiny. I love the way the heavenly smell wafts through the house. And, yes, I love to eat the end result, preferably warm, with cold milk on the side.

So that makes me one of those moms that sends the homemade treats in the lunch. Not to say that I won't send a couple of Oreos. I have and I do, but a few times a week I try to send something homemade.

One nice thing about sending something you baked is that it creates another reason for the kids to get involved in making their lunch. And I do believe that they should be involved, at least to some degree. Even a 3- or 4- year-old can help make muffins or cookies. If you get the kids helping at an early age, chances are they will actually enjoy baking when they get a little older. My middle child? Exhibit A. She is 11 and both enjoys baking with me and baking things on her own. This means that sometimes I can sit on my arse while she makes something delicious and then I get to eat it without having done any work. Sometimes she'll even pour me some milk to go with it. She's a keeper.

Last night we baked carrot muffins together, me, the Middle and the Little. After they came out of the oven, my husband and daughter taste tested them and declared them lunch-worthy. So today we all get to enjoy one in our lunches. Maybe it's just me, but I think it makes the day a little sweeter.

What's for lunch today?

- Egg salad sandwiches (I know, I know, they aren't for everyone, but my kids like them)
- Pears
- Goldfish crackers
- Applesauce or yogurt, depending on the kid
- Awesome muffins!
- Chocolate milk


  1. Ooh, I love egg salad sandwiches. Good idea, I haven't made those in forever. Think I'll boil up some eggs today!

    As for the baking, yup. I bake a couple of batches of muffins a week, and at a minimum I've got one kid helping me. My 7yo baked his very own batch of blueberry muffins one day last week and it was AWESOME.

  2. Carrot muffins sound amazing. I love, love, love baking. I try to always have baked goods available for snacking. Plus it makes the house smell great.

  3. I love baking. I have a child who hates muffins. Heavy sob.

  4. Carrot-pineapple muffins are perhaps my FAVORITE THING IN THE UNIVERSE and oh look! I have both carrots and canned pineapple and something to do with my DAMN KIDS WHO ARE HOME AGAIN TODAY!

    My kids won't bring egg salad sandwiches anymore, which is grim.