Thursday, September 5, 2013

new year, new look, new resolutions

Welcome back!

The Ladies hope you all had good summers and a nice break from packing lunches, if you got one. I don't - it's just easier with my heavy summer dayhome schedule to pack lunches for my own kids too - but I certainly did enjoy the freedom to pack peanut butter & jam multiple times a week.

(Not slagging school no-peanuts programs, by the way. My convenience does not take precedence over the health of the other kids, and my 8 year old has a classmate with a lethal peanut allergy. That said, my kids love PB&J and man, are they easy to slap together at the last minute.)

Anyway! I've packed lunches for all of two school days now, and I've already had some thoughts.

1. Is this the most constantly-hydrated generation ever, or what? There are drinking fountains that the kids have free access to during breaks. And yet on day one I forgot to send filled water bottles, and thus both of my children came home, faces shriveled raisins, gasping for air like Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia, proclaiming that they had never been so thirsty in their entire lives because they didn't have water on demand at their desks like ALL THE OTHER KIDS, GOD, MOM.

2. If you're the kind of parent who puts sweet little notes in your kids' lunches every day, I applaud you. I put one in each of the boys' lunchboxes on the first day. My creative juices deserted me utterly and I resorted to "I love you! Have a good day!" And neither one of them mentioned them, anyway.

3. I may have laughed at these Tupperware Banana Keepers when I first saw them, but now that I'm packing two lunches and it's fruit fly season, I'm thinking we should have custom-shaped Tupperware for all soft fruit. Bananas! Pears! Plums!

4. And for some reason my 5 year old brought home a banana peel and a plum pit to throw away. He didn't put them in an empty sandwich container, either. He just threw them loose into his lunchbag. That, my friends, was disgusting.


Last year, we Ladies started finding posting every day was getting to be a bit of a chore. We want this blog to be a place for some laughs, maybe some deeper thoughts from time to time, but mostly where parents packing the dreaded lunches can come for practical tips and help.

With that in mind, we're making some changes.

The blog will update once a week, generally on Thursdays. Each post will contain a recipe, and all recipes will also be posted under the 'recipes' link at the top.

If anyone has topic suggestions, or would like to submit a guest post, please contact me at hrweagle AT yahoo DOT com.

Here's to a year with no food returned uneaten!


  1. When Oldest started K, I considered putting nice notes in his lunch, but then thought they might just make him sad (god, I was so naive) so instead I put in a series of immature jokes for the first couple of weeks of school. Figured they made him laugh and maybe gave him something to share with his friends. Or maybe I just like immature humor. Whichever...

    Oldest still does crap like the banana peel in the lunch box. Why? The trash is RIGHT THERE! Sigh. Am glad I bought a lunch box I can throw in the washing machine because that sucker gets nasty.

  2. Seriously, the banana keepers, so cute.

  3. My kids will not eat a banana in their lunch that gets all banged up. You'd think with that built-in thick skin the banana would protect itself from bruising. Alas.

    All hail the banana keeper! :)