Monday, May 13, 2013

Hooked on a berry

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you lovely mamas out there.  I hope you had a lovely weekend; I sure did, although it was not dissimilar to any other weekend, really.  Sunday was pretty much like any other Sunday but with more hugs, and my husband did the dishes at dinner.  I'm calling it a huge win. 

A mother's work is never done, as we all know, and so yesterday in between hugs I served up a batch of French toast for my younger son and a frozen-fruit-and-yogurt parfait for my older one.  I washed up blackberries and sliced up strawberries, and prepared school snacks for the week.  Fortunately I still had cookies left over from last week's baking session, so I could skip my usual Sunday afternoon snack-baking marathon, in honour of Mother's Day.

Strawberries and blackberries, mmm.  I cannot get enough berries right now.  Once berry season is upon us - and thanks to my way-more-than-100-mile-diet-thank-god-for-imported-fruits-and-vegetables, it's a long season (hail Mexico!) - I find myself buying more and more berries every week.  I have a hard time rationing my children when it comes to nutrient- and antioxidant-rich berries.  When I was a kid, as I've mentioned before, fresh strawberries were rare and expensive and therefore we didn't eat them much.  My kids gulp them down like tap water.  So do I, which means more trips to Costco.

One of my sons told me that a classmate of his never eats berries because she doesn't like them.  This was as foreign an idea to him as a child saying while trick-or-treating, No thank you, but do you have any toothbrushes?  Who doesn't eat berries, he asked.  HOW can someone not like berries?

I agree.  Berries are nature's candy! I said, somewhat facetiously, but the kids agreed with me.  The apples didn't fall too far from my tree, I guess.

Lunches at my house this week:
Bagels with peanut butter
Strawberries and blackberries
Chocolate chip cookies

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