Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An unexpected break from lunches

I spent the Canadian Family Day holiday alone.

Well, not totally. In the morning my husband and two of the kids were home (plus an extra kid who slept over on Sunday night) but they left just after lunch for a quick overnight ski trip, an opportunity that kind of fell into their laps on Saturday night. I couldn't go along since I have to work today, but I spent the morning puttering around, baking them some muffins and helping to pack up some stuff for skiing. Then, in a puff of exhaust and excitement, they were gone and I was on my own (my husband's parents took our littlest for a sleepover yesterday). I puttered around, did some housework, got a little exercise, took care of some things I have been meaning to take care of, but never seem to have the time for. Not a bad day, in all.

I don't mind being on my own, but the timing was strange. Not just because it was Family Day, but also because one of our elderly neighbours is quite ill and in the hospital. We saw the ambulance arrive yesterday and take him away. He's close to 90, I believe, yet he and his wife still live in their own home. They are nice neighbours, kind to my kids, to all of us, really. I was thinking about these neighbours today, about how many lunches the wife has ceratinly made over the years. I was thinking about how she probably still makes lunch for the two of them every day and what it must be like to suddenly be alone at home with nobody but yourself to make lunch for and how surreal that must feel.

It makes me look forward to making lunch for my crew again tomorrow. Until then, here's what's for lunch (for one) today:

- Green salad with colourful sliced peppers and raw zucchini mixed in
- Topped with sliced cooked chicken breast, a few cashews and goat's milk cheese
- Baslamic vinegar salad dressing to taste


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  2. My first comment was about how lovely your lonely lunch was and then I thought for a moment on your poor neighbour's lonely lunches and how the alone time that seems like such a blessing NOW is probably in most women's sad elderly futures, and now I am sad.

  3. I'm still hung up on the notion of having that much time alone, myself.

  4. Well, your lunch-for-one sounds lovely!