Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Daily Grind

One of the things I'd hoped for in starting up this blog again was for the guilt in being PUBLICLY boring in what I pack my kids for lunch to be the kick start I needed to start making more thrilling lunches for the poor, poor children.

Today I packed them chicken noodle soup in thermoses, grapes, applesauce and crackers.

So it's fine - it's not a BAD lunch - but I obviously haven't started making them fine, hand-crafted lunches quite yet, either. Maybe I'm more of a slow-release guilt sort of person. Maybe I'm just a chronic underperformer as a mother. Maybe my kids are all big enough to PACK THEIR OWN DAMN LUNCHES, HEY. (although once The Boy tried to pack an entire BAG of chips and an entire container of dip as his lunch, the end.)

The only time I really DO knock myself out is around holidays. Tonight - as soon as I'm done writing this, in fact - I'm going to roll out 50 zillion heart-shaped sugar cookies from the dough* currently relaxing in the fridge. And you know, if I really wanted my sugar cookies to make a big impact, I'd send them on ANOTHER day that every other mother is not ALSO sending treats on, but the nature of motherhood, for me, is that I never, ever learn. It means a lot to my kids, anyhow, in a way that overshadows - I hope - the underwhelming, quotidian lunches they get.
(* and I am using this recipe which I found on Pinterest, so it will totally serve me right if it doesn't turn out, since my success rate at Pinterest rate is mixed, at best. I TOTALLY THOUGHT THAT CREAM CHEESE/CAKE MIX RECIPE WOULD BE DELICIOUS, HEY. Not learning from my mistakes is a thing I do.)



  1. So both you and Nicole made heart-shaped sugar cookies for Valentine's Day, and I thought maybe I would, too.

    Know what I do not possess? A heart-shaped cookie cutter.

    Guess I really *do* hate Valentine's Day. ;)

  2. Sisters! We are sisters! Heart cookies forever!

  3. My girls' school, sadly, no longer allows homemade treats. D said nothing was happening vis a vis Valentine's Day at his school. Thatès gr. 8 for you! (see how my apostrophe turned into an e with an accent grave -- I changed my keyboard to French with a keystroke and I do not know how to change it back! I feel so inept.)

    Anyway, at the K to 6 school, we have to send treats in a package that can be read to ensure no traces of nuts/eggs/whatever are present. It made things easy this year...I just bought two packages of Hershey Kisses for sharing. But I kind of liked baking the heart-shaped whatevers. *pout*