Wednesday, March 13, 2013

break is broken

It's March Break for us, too, but because of the dayhome that means a more hectic week, not less. A week with two school-aged children and one who should be cooped up with 3 year olds and toddlers.

The weather has been blustery and dampish, although mercifully not too cold, so the kids have been unceremoniously tossed outside at least once every day for a good long while. Also we've been doing activities with a rainbow theme, to try and chase away the dark grey skies.

It's been a mixed success. The honey & cornmeal muffins we baked on Monday were a dry, mealy failure. Even the toddlers - not a fussy audience by any means - wouldn't eat them. I despaired. So yesterday I threw nutrition and good sense out the window, and baked a batch of rainbow cupcakes. Instantly, I was the most popular dayhome lady ever.

I first experimented with the Pinterest stand-by of rainbow cake last year when my middle son turned four. It was not notably successful - all the layers fell in the middle and didn't bake properly for some reason, so when I tried to put them together the middle of the cake ended up soggy. The edges, meanwhile, burnt. CAKEFAIL.

With the cupcakes, I just divided the batter for a simple a one-bowl white cake into three dishes, used some gel food colouring, and scooped them into the cupcake liners in layers. It worked great; the colours stayed separate and the cupcakes were gorgeous inside and out. They were so pretty I didn't frost them - the rainbow effect was much cooler not covered up with icing, anyway.

Next time I make a rainbow cake, I would just layer all the batter in one or two pans, rather than trying to bake a bunch of different layers.

I'm not much of one for sending sugary stuff to school - they crash midday and it never turns out well, at least not for my kids - but if you were on tap to provide a treat for a class party or something, rainbow cupcakes are fun and look more complicated than they actually are.


This week, because we are all home, 7yo has had leftovers heated in the microwave quite a few times. Middle son is on a ham-and-cheese sandwich kick, and 14mo is suddenly passionately invested in peanut butter sandwiches. Both green and purple grapes were on sale this week, as were blackberries.


  1. RAINBOW CUPCAKES? You're genius! That sounds fun.

  2. I'll be honest, they kind of taste like food colouring. :p But the kids LOVE them.