Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dangers of Stereotyping

Do you ever see a dessert and it looks like something you've had before, something you like just fine, but don't love. And so you try one and...OMG! It tastes so much more deliciously awesome then the thing you THOUGHT it was?

No? Maybe you just need more context.

Imagine you see a date square. It's oatmeal-ish and date-ish and pleasant enough to eat but it's one of those on-the-fence squares. It wants to be a dessert but the dates sandwiched in between the oat layers makes it feel slightly fraudulent; almost healthy. It would surely fail the dessert lie detector test.

However, beggars can't be choosers. And since you feel like you need something sweet to go with your coffee or tea or whatever, you take one. When you bite into the "date square" you discover that the filling is not date-like at all. Rather, it's chocolate and caramel all melded together in what can only be described as "a symphony of decadence." It is deliciously seductive and most certainly dessert.

What's the take away here? Clearly, we shouldn't make assumptions about what might be hiding between innocuous layers of oats, butter and sugar because doing so could cause a person to miss out on something fantastic.

Stereotypes hurt. In this case, you. Because by assuming that you know what is waiting for you inside a square that is disguised as a barely passable dessert item, you lose the opportunity to indulge in a veritable taste sensation.

More importantly, you lost the opportunity to pack the ultimate square in your kids' lunches.

What's for lunch (beside squares?)

Chicken salad sandwiches on whole wheat bread
Pineapple chunks
Apple slices with cinnamon


  1. I clicked on the recipe link and got as far as caramels & condensed milk and I was SOLD. Two of my very favourite indulgences, together at last!!


    1. They are so very, very yummy. Plus, they stay good for a few days.

      I typed "god" there and had to fix it. But I almost left it...because they might just be sent from heaven. :)

  2. Oh wow, that looks very yummy, Janet!