Thursday, March 7, 2013

March breaked

Today was the last day of school for AGES for my kids and I am so pleased.

We don't have any plans - I'd hoped, a bit, that we'd be able to go to Toronto for the March break, but it's been a grimly expensive winter and that's not happening. So instead we're going to stay home and watch movies and go sliding and do crafts because if there's one thing that teenage girls like doing, it certainly is NOT crafts with their mom. But never you mind! We're going to have fun and we won't have to wake up at 7 a.m. every single morning for OVER A WEEK. And of course I won't have to make school lunches ONCE DURING THAT TIME.

They'll still need feeding but home lunches are a very, very different thing - grilled cheese sandwiches and baby carrots! A bowl of soup and some crackers! - but mainly what I like is the absence of the performance art aspect of school lunches, the knowledge that to some extent, what I'm feeding my kids is on DISPLAY. So that and being able to eat peanut butter during daylight hours equals me being quite pleased with things for the time being.

Today's school lunch was rather low effort, too - because it was the last day of school before break, the school had an outdoor winter fun day and the parent volunteers (I am not one of them. I should be, but I'm not.) made the kids hot dogs and hot chocolate which my younger two kids were SO excited about and my older kid was SO revolted by, causing her to mutter darkly about "noses and eyeballs." WHATEVER, MS. PICKY. So I had to make a lunch for her but the other two were just DELIGHTED with their sudden grody hot dog windfall.

We don't have a fantastic history of fun March Breaks. We mostly tend to get sick - and this one is hinting to not be any different, since THREE people in the house are running fevers tonight - but there is still the hopeful sweetness in the sudden relaxing departure from routine, the promise of restful mornings, long gentle days spent with my three favorite people and although the reality will almost certainly not be like that, there are still fun days ahead. And I won't have to pack a single lunch in ANY of them.


  1. Yay for spring break - hope you are all well and NOT sick.

    "Peanut butter during daylight hours" - hee! True.

  2. Are you sick yet? I hope not.

    We have March Break now too. Since my kids are at their grandparent's for part of the week, not only do I not have to pack lunches, I don't even have to think about lunches. But I have revealed too much. For this is what my Tuesday post will be about. Shhhh. You didn't read anything....