Wednesday, April 24, 2013

everyone's a critic

These past few days have been challenging in the lunch-packing department, and all because of the baby.

Just shy of sixteen months old and he has OPINIONS, ya'll. And most of his opinions are of the "whatever you packed for me is instantly terrible because I want what Other Toddler is having".

I pack him a sandwich. He yells emphatically, shakes his head NO, points at Other Toddler's reheated leftovers, nods his head YES, throws his sandwich on the floor.

Next day, I pack him leftovers. So naturally Other Toddler comes with a sandwich and we go through the whole ridiculous process again in reverse.

He says "ban-ba" a lot, because that means "banana" and where in the hell is the banana, come on woman, make with the freakin' banana already, DUDE'S GOTTA HAVE POTASSIUM. He also will flip many, many fits if there is no yoghurt forthcoming.

Crackers, mini-pitas, goldfish crackers - these are all popular, day in and day out. Strawberries are his Most Favourite Thing Ever while they're in the grocery store cart, but are worthy only of contempt within the confines of home. Ditto cherry tomatoes. Cheese is never rejected. Apples with either be devoured, seeds, core, and all if I don't watch him... or else flat-out tossed aside because apples are horrible.

I'm holding him to the same standard as the dayhome kids; namely, you have to finish what's in front of you before you can have something else. (Or at least make an effort. If it's something you've never had before, you honestly try, and you just don't like it, you get a pass.)

It is a weird situation, to pack a lunch for your kids every day and then to be there when they eat it. I honestly think that if I weren't there to see it, he'd eat it with fewer complaints. That's just human nature.


In the lunches this week, dried fruit and lots of it! Nicole's fruit dehydrator love appears to be contagious. I realize the stuff from the grocery store has added sugar, but in small amounts it's a nice treat and better for them than cookies or candy bars.

Also lots of roast beef sandwiches, and honeydew melon.

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    Poor G has a bad case of the grass is always greener.