Wednesday, April 17, 2013

mea culpa

Big time lunchbox fail this week.

Monday night, I made sandwiches for the two older boys. Peanut butter & jam for 5yo who eats lunch at home, cream cheese & jam for 7yo to take to school. I had the lunches packed by 7PM! They had fruit and Greek yoghurt and homemade muffins and things they liked! I was WINNING, I tell you!

Then apparently yesterday 7yo opened his lunchbox and I'd put the sandwiches in the wrong bags.

Meaning I sent peanut butter (GASP!) to a public school (OH NOES!!) in the year 2013 (HORRORS!!!)

The school didn't call, or anything. None of 7yo's classmates has a peanut allergy. He explained to the teacher that I mixed up the sandwiches. She told him to eat, close the sandwich container tightly, and then wash his hands well after he ate.

I still felt guilty when he came home and explained what had happened.

I have no words of wisdom to share. I just wanted to let you all know that sometimes, these things happen. And that I'm grateful for a sensible teacher who handled it well and didn't overreact.

Sometimes, the best of us make mistakes. Packing lunches, day in and day out, is HARD. Mistakes get made. Nutrition gets thrown out the window. Kids forget their lunches altogether and panicked last-minute runs to the school happen.

It's OK. We're OK. We're all doing the very best that we can, and sometimes our very best is delicious homemade goodies, and sometimes our very best is just remembering not to send a peanut butter sandwich to a public school.


  1. I don't know what would happen if I couldn't send PB&J to school. Our kids are allowed to have it at their public school, but they need to sit at least one seat away from an allergy kid. Getting something in the bag is all I can handle on a school morning - so my children get (HORRORS!!) - Uncrustables. You know what? They like them. It saves me time. So maybe it's my best. They have food, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. You're right! We're ok!

    1. I had to google Uncrustables - my kids would Freak the Eff Out. It's like a pizza pocket! But with JAM!!

      Our entire school board has a blanket nut-free policy, and I honestly thought that was the norm. It's been interesting today to hear what goes on elsewhere.

  2. BAD HANNAH! I once accidentally switched snacks and Mark got Jake's carrots, which was bad since the teacher was anaphylactically allergic to carrots. Mark silently slid the carrots back into his backpack and then later scolded me. Meanwhile, Jake was all "Why did you give me peppers?"

    1. I have never in my life heard of an anapyhlactic allergy to carrots. Wow. WOW.

      Keeping this stuff organized is harder than it sounds, I swear.

  3. One of the assistant's at our school is anaphylactic-allergic to carrots too! Weird.

    I mix up things between the lunches all the time. It happens. We're human. :)