Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let them eat scones!

Does it feel like spring will never come where you live? It sure does here. The day will look tantalizingly sunny from inside, but then you optimistically go outside in your jean jacket and realize that you are woefully under-layered.


Today, when I stepped outside for some air at lunch, it actually was sunny and jean-jacket warm. I even got to wear my sunglasses non-ironically. By mid-afternoon, however, the cruel rain was pelting my window and when I left work to drive home for dinner it was bitingly cold. I was, once again, underdressed.

If dressing in this weather is challenging, I find cooking to be equally so. I yearn for barbeque one minute, soul-solacing soup the next. It's so confusing. Clearly there is only one type of culinary craft one can depend on during such uncertain times: baking.

I find baking the ultimate comfort food. I might have mentioned that before. You can have your potato chips; I'll take the brownies, thank you.

But I'm not all about the chocolate. I was flipping through Canadian Living magazine today and saw this recipe for yummy little lemon scones with strawberries and cream and they pretty much shouted SPRING! Right in my face.

So I'm going to make them this week. And even though delicious, sweet, plump little local strawberries won't be on our table until June, imported strawberries will do in a pinch. Who can tell the difference under all that whipped cream? While they are still warm, I'm going to sit at my table, bathed in a ray of sunlight, and I'm going to eat one. Or maybe even two. And I'm going to pretend it's really and truly spring.

(Pssst: What does this post have to do with making lunches? Not much! I have no creative lunch nuggets this week. I, quite frankly, have no idea what's going in lunches so I'm just kind of winging it. Some weeks are just like that. Especially when spring refuses to come.)

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  1. It was minus twelve this morning. MINUS TWELVE. And we have been getting snow, and it's cold, and wahhhh I want it to be spring. I'm eating "springy" type foods right now to get in the mood but frankly it's more appropriate for soups. I saw that recipe for lemon scones and thought they looked very tasty. It could be a lunch!