Monday, April 15, 2013

Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine.

My kids are going on a field trip this week to see no other than Fred Penner!  Fred Penner!  He was THE children's songster when I was a kid, so hopefully the kids will have fun.  I am not volunteering for this field trip, no matter how much I would like to see the live unplugged version of "I'm A Bump In The Middle Of The Prairie".  The thought of being on a school bus alone makes me feel shaky, and anyway, my children have informed me that I'm not very "fun" to go on field trips with. 

The last field trip they went on, they were chaperoned by a friend of mine who, by all accounts, was the most fun mom ever.  She went with them through a corn maze many, many times.  I realized then that I would never be the fun mom on field trips.

But who needs to be the fun mom for events?  I'm fun every single day*.  This is shown through my wild and crazy lunch packing.

*I am not actually fun, every single day or otherwise.

Although the kids come home for lunch, Fridays are early dismissal days, which means that the bell rings at 1:10.  There isn't time for a proper lunch, so the children get two brief "nutritional breaks."  I used to send sandwiches, but found they were largely uneaten, and by the time we got home after spending time on the playground, the children were insane with hunger.  I realized, especially with my younger son, that there was just too much going on in the classroom and not much time, and so I needed to pack quick snack-y things for them to munch on.

This week, since they will be leaving for the Fred Penner concert at 12:15, I assume that there will be very little time for lunch eating.  So I will send them with their "Friday lunches", which will guarantee me my title of most fun mom ever*!

*I will never get the title of most fun mom ever.

I feel like one of the cool girls this week.  I'm packing lunches too!  I'm not just driving to the school and back six times!  I'M AN OFFICIAL LUNCH PACKER!  And this is what I will pack:

- Container of mini vegetable flavoured Bretons for Mark, container of Stoned Wheat Thins for Jake.
- Slices of ham for Jake, slices of sausage for Mark.
- Sliced strawberries.
- Cinnamon loaf
- Craisins for Jake, dried pineapple for Mark, because nothing says most fun mom ever like dehydrated fruit! 


  1. Since your kids never get a packed lunch, this is your chance to put a note in there, too.

    Also, Fred Penner!!! OMFG, I would *love* to see him sing "The Cat Came Back". My sister and I used to watch "Fred Penner's Place" religiously.

    1. Even after WRITING this post I had the sandwiches song stuck in my head. AND NOW I HAVE THE CAT CAME BACK.

  2. We thought he was a goner!
    But the cat came back
    He just couldn't stay away


    (Wait: I thought that was Raffi's song??)

    1. Nope, Fred Penner. He was always more awesome than Raffi, anyway. ;)